Welcome to Productos Flower

PRODUCTOS FLOWER, S.A. specializes in the nutrition and protection of plants and flowers with products for all needs that combine quality and efficiency. Our company has a long history in the design, manufacture and marketing of products for gardens and orchards.

The brand FLOWER has been present in the gardening market for over 55 years.

Research, Development and Innovation is the basic premises of our company that everyday develops the best products with the highest quality to meet the needs of amateurs and specialists of plants and flowers in an expanding market.

Our Department of Research, Development and Innovation is continually working to find the best formula in the mixture of potting soils or the production of fertilizers and pesticides, among other products. Slow release fertilizers or controlled microgranules products, components and root activators or biological actions, have been some of the innovations that our R&D+i has developed.

All under the watchful eye of our Quality Control Laboratory Analysis, which analyses each of the components and studies the possibility of using new materials, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of our products.