Productos FLOWER presents innovative proposals for 2014. Iberflora will be the starting point and presentation of these developments.

PLATINUM 10 SUBSTRATE: The ideal substrate

The PLATINUM 10 SUBSTRATE is a high quality substrate that is very fluffy and light. It has some components that make it ideal for growing plants both indoors and outdoors.

Its specific composition based on high-quality raw materials plus the contribution from seaweed and continuous-release fertilizer give it ideal characteristics for any cultivation, thus ensuring excellent growth results.

Greater plant growth and vigor as well as a more intense color.

The good rooting that PLANTINUM 10 provides through seaweed extract enhances the growth and vigor of the plants.

BIOFLOWER: 100% natural

To consolidate our position as leaders in the biological world, under the Bioflower brand with over 10 years of market presence, three varieties of natural fertilizers are being launched: Organic flours, dried blood and bone meal. All options offer faster results than other organic fertilizers through the activation of microorganisms.

NUTRISOL ENERGY TABLETS: fertilizing effervescent tablets

The fertilizing effervescent tablets will be another development at Iberflora: Nutrisol Energy Tablets. Three options: Universal, Green Plants and Geraniums are the options for this convenient product that makes the dosage, manure handling and storage fully optimal.

The range is completed with houses for birds and insects, enabling the public to get closer to Permaculture, an asset that daily awakens more interest in our market.

HORTALIA COMPLEMENTS: care and respect for the environment

Hortalia is a new brand in the portfolio of FLOWER, which brings together a wide range of accessories designed for the domestic urban garden. Cultivation Tables; Horticultural substrates; Seedbeds; Greenhouses; Garden tools; Planting markers; Moisture meters; Thermometers; Clamps; ...  Standing out:  the multitude of cultivation tables and biodegradable seedbeds, that allow a 100% natural cultivation.